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Re: Tom Hennessey?

> Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001 10:36:19 -0500
> From: SteveOrdinetz <steveord@wavewizard.com>
> Subject: RE: Tom Hennessey?
> Chuck Igo wrote:
>> if the power had
>> blipped, you'd have wished you'd gone to the party.  nothin' like a
>> half-dozen re-booting computers to make a quiet night interesting.
> No UPS on critical on-air equipment?  For shame!

A power blip at WBUR one night spontaneously switched the on-air studio
selector from studio 2 (usual combo air studio) to studio 1. Took me a few
minutes to figure out why I had no audio after the "blink".

All the tech department said was "that's not supposed to happen with our
power protection circuitry"! All I could say was "well, it did..."

Eli Polonsky