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Re: Tom Hennessey?

Eli Polonsky wrote:

>A power blip at WBUR one night spontaneously switched the on-air studio
>selector from studio 2 (usual combo air studio) to studio 1. Took me a few
>minutes to figure out why I had no audio after the "blink".
>All the tech department said was "that's not supposed to happen with our
>power protection circuitry"! All I could say was "well, it did..."

We have Broadcast Tools switchers to select which studio goes to which
airchain (giving us the flexibility to put a production studio on-air, or
simulcast instantly if needed), and occasionally when the power blips it
will come up in a random position, even though defaults are programmed.
The UPSs keep the automation & transmitter controls running, don't think
this is on one (NOTE TO SELF: check into that)