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On Sat, 15 Dec 2001 Dan Billings  wrote:

> When I worked at WCLZ and they first went to ENCO,
> they had it set up so you
> could call in and record remote breaks.  At the end
> of the break, you had to
> hit a certain number on the phone that kicked ENCO
> to the next element.  It
> worked, but that tone at the end of every break
> sounded like shit.

ENCO, so thats the name of that system.  I had heard
it mentioned to me by my old Promotions Director in
Rochester while there, and had heard that system in
operation on WIII Cortland/Ithaca (NY) while visitng
people down there.  My response, after hearing it run,
was pretty much the same as Dan's, it sounded TERRIBLE
with that dial tone at the end of each talk break!
                           Matt Osborne
                           Hyde Park, NY

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