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Station Automation

At 03:18 PM 12/15/01 -0500, Dan Billings wrote:
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> > What, they haven't automated _that_ too!?  Oh the humanity.
>Portland Radio always has one person in the building as operator on duty.
>Everything is set up for unaided operation, but I guess they figure
>(correctly) that paying one person to monitor 6 stations is cost effective.
>On off hours, the operator is usually the same person who is on the air at
>WMGX.  That person is often also doing production while doing a partially
>live/partially harddrive show.

What are the current FCC rules regarding manning of a transmitter ?

Back in the ice age (according to my children) most stations had to have an
operator with at least a third class license to take transmitter readings every
half hour.  Stations with directional arrays needed a first.

Sounds to me is if stations today run on autopilot.