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At 10:34 PM 12/15/01 -0800, Matthew Osborne wrote:

>ENCO, so thats the name of that system.  I had heard
>it mentioned to me by my old Promotions Director in
>Rochester while there, and had heard that system in
>operation on WIII Cortland/Ithaca (NY) while visitng
>people down there.  My response, after hearing it run,
>was pretty much the same as Dan's, it sounded TERRIBLE
>with that dial tone at the end of each talk break!

Hey hey hey...don't knock Enco too much.  Their DAD (Digital 
Audio...something...Delivery I think) is a great system.  WERS/Emerson 
College uses it.  Or at least they had just gotten one right after moving 
into their current studios.  Three years ago IIRC.

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