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Enco seems to be very very stable when running on full
auto or of a satelite but it is sooooo user
UN-friendly when it comes to usign it for live work. 
The one good thing is that you can just voicetrack
whatever you want whenever you want.  If yo were to
take sick during a shift you can run into producion(or
switch the baord over depending on your studio setup)
and track the rest of our shift.

--- Aaron Read <aread@speakeasy.net> wrote:
> At 10:34 PM 12/15/01 -0800, Matthew Osborne wrote:
> >ENCO, so thats the name of that system.  I had
> heard
> >it mentioned to me by my old Promotions Director in
> >Rochester while there, and had heard that system in
> >operation on WIII Cortland/Ithaca (NY) while
> visitng
> >people down there.  My response, after hearing it
> run,
> >was pretty much the same as Dan's, it sounded
> >with that dial tone at the end of each talk break!
> Hey hey hey...don't knock Enco too much.  Their DAD
> (Digital 
> Audio...something...Delivery I think) is a great
> system.  WERS/Emerson 
> College uses it.  Or at least they had just gotten
> one right after moving 
> into their current studios.  Three years ago IIRC.
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