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Re: "The Lost 45s with Barry Scott" moves to Oldies 103.3!

At 02:01 AM 12/16/01 -0500, A. Joseph Ross wrote:
>On 15 Dec 2001 at 19:17, Eli Polonsky wrote:
> > With WODS now dropping 50's and moving into 70's soft-rock and mainstream
> > disco hits, I'd be curious what kind of a showing a local 50's/early 60's
> > oldies rocker would do in Boston now. We'll probably never know, but
> > Steve's original post starting this thread was speculating that perhaps the
> > time may be coming for such stations, and not everyone has XM yet or can
> > listen to webcasts everywhere.
>Maybe so, but because of the consolidation of ownership, it's unlikely to
>happen.  The large conglomerates aren't going to do anything new.  It's
>the small owners who are willing to try something new to find a nitch, and
>there are very few small owners left.

Sign up to do a show on WMFO or WBRS, or WMWM or WMBR, maybe.   WIQH 
perhaps, or WZLY or maybe WJUL.  There's lots of college stations where a 
show like this could easily be done.

Granted that's not the same thing as a whole station devoted to that 
format, but your point about no small owners is not exactly true here in 

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