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RE: UPS vs. NStar

The Bishop wrote:
>>Not that many UPS's can last more than 30 minutes of power outage, unless
you're talking serious $$$.<<


   in reference to the unit to which i referred (at my buddy's studio):  it
was very big$$$.  he'd just invested in brand-new, top-of-the-line Mac
system to run the latest ProTools software, and with it he made the
investment into the UPS.  this was last February.  the very FIRST instance
of his little building losing power, he was in the middle of a hellacious
editing session.  the lights flickered and the Mac went right down without a
second thought.  the UPS didn't allow his machine to shut down properly, and
the unit was barely six months old.  and the only thing plugged into the UPS
was the Mac's hard drive & monitor.  all the company could do was apologize.
and offer him a great break on a nifty new Neuman Mic he's had his eyes on
for a while.

- -Chuck Igo