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Re:[RadioTech] Webcast Copyright Fees

At 11:41 PM 12/14/01 -0800, Matthew Osborne wrote:

> >http://www.salon.com/tech/feature/2001/12/13/college_webcast/index.html?x
> > >http://www.rice.edu/cb/sos.
>     Since when has webcasting, per se, given potential
>for the unlimitied distribution of digitally copied
>music?  Aren't they confusing webcasting/streaming
>audio with downloading mp3/wav files over the
>internet, which is a totally different ballgame?

No, they're not confusing it.  They just want to either A: Financially 
screw people, or B: make sure that it can't be done.  Basically, if they 
can't get their slice of the pie, then they'll burn the whole thing so 
nobody can have a piece.  It's all politics...and neither truth nor logic 
have any place in politics.

>     My second thought has to do with programming
>content restrictions, which is presented in the
>position paper accessed from the second web link <snip> Is it
>just me, or does this sounds really "big brotherish"
>with some government agency basically telling
>webcasters what they can and can't play?  Very scary

Yes and no....it has less to do with actual content restriction than just 
creating a legal loophole that's impossible to jump through.  Basically 
they wanted a way so that *legally*, you could adhere to the law...but 
*realistically* there's no possible way to do it.  So they could say "Hey, 
you CAN webcast, it says so right here"  but in real life they don't want 
you webcasting for reasons stated above.

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