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Re:[RadioTech] Webcast Copyright Fees

On Fri, 14 Dec 2001 Aaron Read wrote:
 if you're
> at a station that is 
> webcasting, then you'll want to read the article on
> Salon.com and check out 
> Will's website at Rice University.




> >http://www.rice.edu/cb/sos.

A few thoughts I have after reading the article and
position paper.  Quoting a segment of the salon.com

"...But record companies don't like webcasting, with
its potential for copying and distributing unlimited
digital copies of songs...." 

    Since when has webcasting, per se, given potential
for the unlimitied distribution of digitally copied
music?  Aren't they confusing webcasting/streaming
audio with downloading mp3/wav files over the
internet, which is a totally different ballgame?
    My second thought has to do with programming
content restrictions, which is presented in the
position paper accessed from the second web link.  The
paper says that, as part of the Digital Millenium
Copyright Act, a stipulation to getting a license to
webcast is that all webcasters agree to not play more
than three songs from the same recording in any 3 hour
time period, no more than two songs from the same
recording in a row, **no more than 4 songs from the
same artist in any 3 hour time period** and no more
than three songs in a row from a boxed set of a
particualr artist (paraphrased from paper).  Is it
just me, or does this sounds really "big brotherish"
with some government agency basically telling
webcasters what they can and can't play?  Very scary
                          Matt Osborne
                          Hyde Park, NY

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