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Re: Tom Hennessey?

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Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2001 4:28 AM
Subject: Re: Tom Hennessey?

> Dan noted (while driving home from work after giving up
> the opportunity to schmooze at the annual radio holiday
> bash; he was the Man who stepped up to handle 6 (SIX)
> stations while everyone else went to the company confab):

It wasn't much of a sacrifice.  Does anyone really like to go to company
Christmas Parties?  (Though I understand the Portland Radio party had great
door prizes!)  As for handling 6 stations, they pretty much handled
themselves.  Other than running the board for one happy hour break, deleting
a few songs to keep WMGX on track, and taking transmitter readings, it was
an uneventful night.

> Yes, Dan.  Tom Day and Tom Hennessey are the same guy.
> Tom's new-found career after a very note-worthy radio
> stint (um, like 20 years at WPOR alone, until a certain
> company that had a party last night bought WPOR...) is
> indeed insurance.  you may have heard his spots on ALL
> of the WMTW group stations.  in lieu of an insulting
> hourly wage to voice-track the overnight shift, Tom
> takes it out in "trade" for his commercials.  it works
> well for him,

That makes sense.  He does the voicetracking thing very well.  I figured he
was in the can, but it was hard to tell.  Is Tom on every night, or only
weekends?  I would hate to have the competition every night.  I, by the way,
accept the insulting hourly wage to voicetrack the overnight shift down the

> and it benefits a station that's on the
> edge of realizing its potential.  (of course, knowing
> radio management as well as we do, it'll never get to
> achieve a solid apex.)

I don't know.   I'm not too impressed with WTHT.  I don't like the CHR
approach to country with young sounding jocks who seem out of place with the
music.  I'm not a fan of Dave Winsor in the morning.  He just doesn't have
the personality to build a morning show around (see the ratings during his
stint at WGAN).  The women that does middays for them is pretty good.

And we should always remember that the management of the WMTW Broadcast
Group make the others in broadcast management look like geniuses.

> - -Chuck Igo (no. didn't go to the party, either.  had
> to work til 7 then look forward to a 1 am alarm to make
> back down to Boston)

And did I mention that when I went to work for Hennessey at WPOR, Chuck got
me the job?

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine