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Re: Tom Hennessey?

Dan noted (while driving home from work after giving up 
the opportunity to schmooz at the annual radio holiday 
bash; he was the Man who stepped up to handle 6 (SIX) 
stations while everyone else went to the company confab):
> I tuned into 107.5 WTHT on my way home from work and 
heard a familiar voice that I am convinced is former 
longtime WPOR PD and afternoon host Tom Hennessey.  He's 
using the name Tom Day, but he doesn't have me fooled. 
The last that I knew, he was selling insurance.  Does 
anyone know how long he has been there?  What's the 
scoop?  Seems like a waste to have him on weekend 
overnights since he's a better jock and better known 
than everyone else on the station.<<

Yes, Dan.  Tom Day and Tom Hennessey are the same guy.  
Tom's new-found career after a very note-worthy radio 
stint (um, like 20 years at WPOR alone, until a certain 
company that had a party last night bought WPOR...) is 
indeed insurance.  you may have heard his spots on ALL 
of the WMTW group stations.  in lieu of an insulting 
hourly wage to voice-track the overnight shift, Tom 
takes it out in "trade" for his commercials.  it works 
well for him, and it benefits a station that's on the 
edge of realizing its potential.  (of course, knowing 
radio management as well as we do, it'll never get to 
achieve a solid apex.)

- -Chuck Igo (no. didn't go to the party, either.  had 
to work til 7 then look forward to a 1 am alarm to make 
back down to Boston)