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Re: "The Lost 45s with Barry Scott" moves to Oldies 103.3!

On 14 Dec 2001 at 17:27, Eli Polonsky wrote:

> It wouldn't likely get huge numbers, and it's unlikely that the big
> national conglomerates would want it for their stations at this time, but
> I think it could hold it's own and float itself in many areas with a loyal
> audience as a niche format, get fair ratings, and could save some locally
> or regionally owned AM stations from going all-bird, all-brokered or going
> dark.

50s and 60s music is already well established in the format of Adult 
Standards stations like WXKS(AM) and WJIB.   It's not going to work with 
live DJs taking requests, at least not at first.  Someone has to 
demonstrate the value of that audience before the advertising dollars are 
going to roll in.  Or else it's going to have to turn up on a station 
like WJIB where an individual owner decides to program what he wants, 
regardless of advertising trends.  If I hear my favorite music, I don't 
particularly care if it's bird-fed.  I suspect that niches like that may 
be found on Internet and satellite radio and may even be the reason some 
people buy the service.

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