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Re: Smooth Jazz-NAC

Smooth Jazz targets a younger audience than Beautiful Music, but not a lot
younger.  Beautiful music was popular 20-30 years ago, so much of the older
audience that format targeted back then have since passed on.  SJ has become a
25-54 format, and it seems to do the best in the 35-54 cell.  They do try for an
urban audience as well as upscale white listeners, which is why the format tends
to do better in more ethnically diverse cities like LA, Chicago, Philadelphia,
New York and Miami.  Most younger listeners tend to like more agressive pop and
rock music, while most smooth jazz stations tend to be mid-tempo most of the
time, and tends to be more "relaxing."

Mike Thomas

Dan Billings wrote:

> I would be interested to know if jibguy agrees with the statement above.  It
> does seem that Smooth Jazz fills the same niche as beautiful music:
> non-offensive, background music.  On the other hand, the statement still
> doesn't ring true to me.  I thought traditional Beautiful Music was aimed at
> an older audience, while Smooth Jazz is seeking a younger, hipper, urban
> audience.