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Re: Smooth Jazz-NAC

I listen to smooth jazz extensively both when I'm on the road and in the
office (via web feeds).  Some NAC stations seem to add a sizeable quantity
of AC tracks presumably as a hook to wean long-time AC listeners over to the
format.  Some stations, such as WSJZ (New Orleans, not Boston) do it fairly
well adding some R&B on the way.  Others, such as WLVE in Ft Lauderdale,
have diluted the format to the point where it is basically unlistenable.
(The WLVE format sounds like Delilah all the time)

I've been listening to cablemusic.com of late.  They have a relatively small
playlist and it seems that the only female vocalist that they know is Sade.
KNIK out of Anchorage is fairly good.

I still find it amusing that Albany, Burlington VT, and Springfield MA call
all have NAC stations but that they powers in Boston don't feel its viable
but that "hot talk" is.

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> The past few days I've been listening to CD 101.9
> (WQCD New York) quite a bit, and I've noticed a few
> things about their programming.  First off, they seem
> to play a LOT of soft AC tracks, much more than I
> actually expected a smooth jazz station to play.  Now,
> I will admit that I've never really listened to
> Jazz/NAC stations very much (not one of my personal
> favorites), but is this practice commonplace in other
> markets outside NYC as well?  Or is this just a "NYC"
> thing because thats the "spin" of the format that
> sells best there...
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