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XM Radio

Well, I've just broken down and decided that given the 20+ hours that I
drive a week give me justification to buy an XM radio.  I did the research
on their site and tried to buy it locally from the vendors listed.  None of
the folks at the stores that I talked to really had a clue about the
product.  None of them had a unit complete and ready to install.  I was
forced to buy the unit from Crutchfield (mail order) and install it myself.

Although this is not meant to be an endorsement, the Crutchfield site was
quite informative and gave me the information that I wanted.  I called the
order in on Monday and it arrived Wednesday while I was out of town.  I
selected the Pioneer DEH-P33700XM for $390 and the antenna was an additional
$80.  The instructions with the unit were average to marginal.  The
instructions, some specific to my car, provided by Crutchfield made the
install idiot-proof.  I installed the unit last night in my parking lot in
about 2.5 hours.

I've been listening to the XM unit since last night while driving around
Salem, Peabody and to and from Providence.  Aside from some momentary
dropouts as I was on I-95 going into Pawtucket, I've experienced no problems
with the unit and the fidelity is incredible.

I'm about to embark on a 2000 mile drive.  I'll report on the reception on
the way.
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