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Re: Calling All Sports Is Changing Stations

At 03:20 AM 11/28/01 -0500, Sean Smyth wrote:
>Dan B. writes:
> > I don't think "Calling All Sports" has been on WBZ continually since the
> > 60's.  Wasn't there a period in the 80's when the show was not on?
>Original show featured Bob Lobel in the late 1970s and went off the air
>circa 1979. Went back on the air, to challenge the Sports Huddle --
>actually, it was initially on from 9p-midnight -- in 1991 or so. Resha does
>own the time, however, and forced Lobel and Upton Bell off the show a couple
>years back.

I am not sure when "Calling All Sports" started on BZ but in the early to 
mid 70s
it ran 7 days per week at 6-8PM.  Guy Mainella ( or Goy Vanilla according 
to Larry
Glick ) weekdays and Ken Beatrice on the weekends.  It was followed by 
Jerry Williams
and Lovell Dyett on weekends 8-Midnight.  When Ken Beatrice left, Bob Lobel 
over on weekends.

"Calling All Sports" fell apart when Guy Mainella's contract ended and he 
he wanted to do a more serious issues oriented show.  It did not last.