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Re: Calling All Sports Is Changing Stations

In addition, WTKK has been running Boston College
hockey and women's basketball. They were in the
running for Sox and Celtics rights.

Certainly not uncommon these days for an FM station
to be the flagship of a major league team; WBCN
(Patriots) and Cleveland's WMJI (Browns) come to 

Oh, also on the subject of sports on the radio:
one WEEI liner says that they're "the home of
Boston Celtics... (pause)...talk". Yep, they're
no longer the flagship, but maybe they could
edit that liner so the pause isn't so obvious? :)

--- Mark Watson <markwats@mediaone.net> wrote:
>   I saw in today's (11/27) Boston Herald that
> "Calling All Sports", which
> has been on WBZ Radio since the 60's (when Guy
> Manella (sp?) was the
> original host) will be moving to WTKK 

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