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Re: Calling All Sports Is Changing Stations

Bob Nelson writes:
> Certainly not uncommon these days for an FM station
> to be the flagship of a major league team; WBCN
> (Patriots) and Cleveland's WMJI (Browns) come to
> mind.

Yes, but football fits in with an FM station's demos, specifically rock
stations (which make up the bulk of FM stations holding NFL rights), much
better. In addition, only breaking format once a week on a rather weak
listening period (Sunday PM) for these stations makes it a win-win

> Oh, also on the subject of sports on the radio:
> one WEEI liner says that they're "the home of
> Boston Celtics... (pause)...talk". Yep, they're
> no longer the flagship, but maybe they could
> edit that liner so the pause isn't so obvious? :)

WEEI has done a similar liner IRT the Patriots for years.

And, in terms of WTKK selling out night-time air time for BC hockey and
women's hoop: Considering they were likely not selling out their ad
inventory in those time periods, anyway, it's good for them. And it's good
for whoever is producing those games (Kelley Communications?) since they get
the games on a half-decent signal. It'd been years since BC hockey was on a
powerful station (1150, about 10 years ago) and until their recent success,
BC women's hoop was never on commercial radio at all.