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Re: WXKS-AM flips to X-MAS??

Well yes and no. Apparently, in an effort to capture 
more affiliates--even if only temporarily--WXKS's 
satellite music provider, Westwood I's adult standards 
AM Only, has flipped to Christmas music. As far as I can 
tell, the jocks are the same nearly comatose bunch that 
have been on AM Only for the last decade. It seems, 
though, that the "Your Original Hits Station" 
positioners, which used to be part of the birdfeed as 
well as part of the local IDs, are, for the moment, only 
on the local IDs.

My take is that, after New Years, AM Only (and WXKS (AM) 
will revert to their former music policy. In the 
meantime, stations that are running Christmas music in 
anticipation of a format change after New Years don't 
have to rely on tapes; if they have access to a dish and 
a suitable receiver, they can get the Christmas 
programming off the bird. Westwood I has found a way to 
give its 2001 revenues a quick shot in the arm. I'll bet 
that AM Only didn't lose a single regular affiliate 
because of this opportunisitic endeavor and I'll bet it 
picked up a couple of dozen stations for the five or six-
week Tnanksgiving-to-New Years period.
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> I read on the New York Radio Message Board that WXKS-AM 1430 flipped to
> X-Mas music....
> Is this for real, guys?