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Re: WXKS-AM flips to X-MAS??

On Tue, 27 Nov 2001 22:18:41  
 dan.strassberg wrote:
>Well yes and no. Apparently, in an effort to capture 
>more affiliates--even if only temporarily--WXKS's 
>satellite music provider, Westwood I's adult standards 
>AM Only, has flipped to Christmas music. 

It's called after its format --
"Adults Standards". "AM Only"
name has been retired for a few
years now. 

I have their press announcement
in front of me. AS is offering an
All-Christmas feed in addition to
their regular feed.
Many number of stations around the
country have added the special
holiday package thru the 25th, and I
am sure the Boston station is
no exception. I saw the hoax e-mail
on the NY messageboard by some
jokester saying that adult standards
stations owned by a major radio group
will be unloading their formats
after the 25th. Such horse shite! 
People really need to get a clue or
a life.