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Re: WXKS-AM flips to X-MAS??

The all Christmas music for a month seems to be on many several stations
WASH in DC is doing it for a month.
These all Christmas temporary formats sometimes look like stunting preceding
format changes

Tim Davisson wrote:

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> From: <GF015@aol.com>
> >     I have also noticed that they are getting away from adult standards
> and
> > now playing a lot of mellow AC hits from the 60's, 70's and 80's with a
> few
> > standards tunes thrown in from the 40's-50's.  You tend to hear more
> Bread,
> > Barry Manilow, Air Supply, Neil Sedaka, Roberta Flack,etc.  They are no
> longer
> > a carbon copy of the Music Of Your Life format offered from Jones Radio
> > Networks.
> > Gary Ford
> And, thank heavens WW1's service is updating itself. If this format's target
> audience is adults age 45-74.....let's look at the middle of that demo...a
> person who's age 60:  That person was age 29 in 1970. Age 19 in 1960. Age 9
> in 1950.  Guess which music they best-remember? 60's and 70's.
> After a 16-year on-air career that included PD/MD in 3 fairly-large markets
> from the late 60's to early 80's.......I've been in radio ad sales since the
> mid-80's...most of that time for 2-stations in a medium market.....one of
> which is a 5kw "heritage AM" that carries WW1's "adult standards".
> Since WW1 began updating their music about a year ago, our ratings in
> persons age 45-64 have more than doubled...making the station much easier to
> sell to advertisers. It was much more difficult to attract advertisers when
> the station was about 80% adults 65+!  Thanks goodness WW1 updated their
> music. It's time...and it makes sense. We're really a soft-rock oldies
> station with some standards sprinkled in.