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Re: What's JJ up to?

Dan wrote:
>>My suggestion for the current 96.3 // 1310 combo would be a nostalgia
format.  The format is on Saga's 1490 WBAE in Portland and WMTW's 1470 WLAM
in Lewiston, but there are a lot of areas in southern/western Maine where
neither station is listenable.  There were also a number of letters in the
newspaper complaining about not being able to get the format on FM when WMTW
made the switch to talk.  <<

umm, Dan:  why should JJ's stations change formats?  why not have 870 and
106.7 flip back
to what they were doing (Nostalgia).  and since Bud already works for WMTW
Broadcast Group, LLC,
then they wouldn't have to worry about getting Bud back over to Warren
imo: the programming on 1310 exceeds that on 870.  870 is trying to do some
minor market
talk on an even lesser budget.  at least the 1310 programming has clearance
in other markets.

- -Chuck Igo