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RE: Imus stereo?

Rob Walker wrote:
>When I ran Stern in St Louis, one channel of the sat reciever was the "air
>program", which was delayed 70 seconds, from the "cue channel".
>The cue channel was a lower quality feed of the show with the line producer
>shouting commands over a tinny talkback mic. From what I understand, the 70
>seconds gave the board op at the affiliate stations enough time to react to
>when Howard's stopset was over. They didn't provide any type of clock, other
>than a rundown of what spots were going to play. And, if you've ever
>listened to Howard, you know he likes to take those 17 minute breaks.

I've never run Stern, but most stations I'm aware of run some sort of local
delay on Imus (ours is about 10 sec), and listen to that in cue so the
board op has some sort of idea how a segment is going to end...they're not
always real obvious.  Imus has a clock, and once in a while he follows it.
It's always a cr*pshoot when he skips a break, cuz you never know if he
just dropped it (and will make up the spots at the end of the show, or at a
random time), or if all successive breaks are shifted one (of course not
all breaks are the same length).