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RE: Imus stereo?

When I ran Stern in St Louis, one channel of the sat reciever was the "air
program", which was delayed 70 seconds, from the "cue channel".

The cue channel was a lower quality feed of the show with the line producer
shouting commands over a tinny talkback mic. From what I understand, the 70
seconds gave the board op at the affiliate stations enough time to react to
when Howard's stopset was over. They didn't provide any type of clock, other
than a rundown of what spots were going to play. And, if you've ever
listened to Howard, you know he likes to take those 17 minute breaks.

The delay wasn't an issue for us, as we recorded and delayed the show by an
hour so it would start at 6 am central.

Rob Walker
Director of Operations
GCC Radio/Bend, Oregon

Cooper Fox said,

That's convenient...  is that standard for a lot of
sat progs?

> Imus is fed in mono.  I believe the left channel of
> the Starguide port is
> the East Coast feed, the right is the West Coast
> feed (delayed 2 hrs).

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