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WMEP Now on air

Since early this (Tuesday) morning Maine Public Radio's WMEP 90.5 Camden
has been on air.  Excellent signal here in SW Harbor,    45 miles east
of Camden. Equal in strength to WMEH 90.9 Bangor and WMED 89.7 Calais.
As of 9AM though, they haven't added WMEP Camden to their hourly ID.
Actually 90.5 is slightly clearer here on my Stereo, as it doesn't pick
up interference from my wireless weather station which transmits on
418.00 mhz and bleeds onto 90.9.

Now, if MPR could only put a station in the Farmington/NW Maine area for
those of us who travel up to Rangeley and Quebec!

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine