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Crash coverage

In the Burl/Ptsbg. market, WVMT (610 Burlington) stayed with ABC's w/w Good
Morning America audio-later-Jennings (as with WGY in Schenectady).  Having
to travel and not "view" the events, I was thankful to have access to that
uninterupted audio sans pictures.  Later, WVMT flipped to ABC radio anchored
coverage.  (I assume it was the same feed from NY.)  No other stations in
the market broke away, including VPR.  WAMC (upstate NY public radio net)
had more coverage, mostly within their local talk programming.  There's a
definite New York City connection in Vt. which surprised me given the
paucity of coverage, otherwise.

I could hear WBZ in and out of CBS anchored but not sure how others in the
market handled it.  I guess once it was becoming clear that foul play was
likely not in play, wall-to-wall wasn't indicated.  Also, after 9-11, the
whole perspective on what 'hits" has changed.  Let's hope that the hits
won't keep on coming.  And I don't mean those platters that matter, those
labels to the tables, those....

Bill O'Neill

"Be well, do good work, and keep in touch."
Garrison Keillor