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Re: Cable Box(was: IBOC)

Cooper asked:
>>Exactly how does a cable box crash?  I assume you are
talking about the digital cable box... <<

Coop (and Counselor Ross)

Not sure how it happens, but the digital cable boxes do "crash" often enough
that my 8 year old now knows how to reset it. (flip the power strip switch
of & on, and wait for the little digital readout on the cable box to
recycle.  then cable box power off and on.  presto: cable is back)
it has nothing to do with the installers.  matter of fact, my digital cable
box was installed by a reputable, FCC licensed broadcast expert.  (um,
yeah... me.)  they give you the box and tell you to hook it up.  "thanks for
coming by.  you'll be billed.  enjoy your 857 channels.  next."
   also, you may have noticed on occasion the digital "skips" in much of the
new programming.  my sister still has the older "analog" cable box.  she'll
be watching a show (NYPD Blue) on video and exclaim: "See!  There it is
again!  This darn VCR!"  i'll watch the offending portion with her and then
tell her its not the tape player.  it was the way the program was fed to her
cable system.  you can tell the digital blips by the degradation of the
image into little squares.
   maybe someone in the NYC area can help answer this:  is the occasional
network feed interruption a result of departing airline flights?  i've never
seen, but i've heard tell that there's a satellite dish farm near one of the
runways down that way, uplinks and such.

- -Chuck Igo