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RE: Imus stereo?

>I've never run Stern, but most stations I'm aware of run some sort of local
>delay on Imus (ours is about 10 sec), and listen to that in cue so the
>board op has some sort of idea how a segment is going to end...they're not
>always real obvious.  Imus has a clock, and once in a while he follows it.
>It's always a cr*pshoot when he skips a break, cuz you never know if he
>just dropped it (and will make up the spots at the end of the show, or at a
>random time), or if all successive breaks are shifted one (of course not
>all breaks are the same length).

Gee, sounds kinda like running NBC sports, except that we don't get a 
cue track.

Larry Weil
WHDH-TV Master Control
and Lake Wobegone, NH