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RE: WEEI - Must they...

Scrio/bh Dan Strassberg:

>Well, it may not have been in 1978, but at one time,
>because of WITS's crappy 5-kW night signal from the N
>Quincy site, the night games were simulcast on WDLW 1330
>in Waltham.

>Also, one of the talk guys on WITS (at some point--
>probably not 1978) was Steve Fredericks (real name:
>Steve Ochsman). Fredericks may well have been the most
>taleted talk guy ever on Boston radio (and that may be
>true right up to the present). I think it's a toss-up

As to your point about WITS's crappy night time signal - yes this is true.
They did resort to simulcast arrangments. I seem to remember, however that
WITS's day time signal left something to be desired on the Northshore. I
remember them not getting into places such a Peabody very well during

As for Steve Fredericks, yea I agree, he was one heck of a talent. Actually
as I remember things, Fredeircks was in employ of WEEI (590) in the early
70s as their Sports Director, this, of course was when 590 was a talk
station. If I remember correctly he started hosting a sports talk show on
the station on  weekday evenings. Then 'EEI had him fill in for some of the
regular so-called 'WEEI Talkmasters'. Then eventually Fredericks wound up
doing an issues oriented talk show instead. If memory serves me correctly,
around 1973 or '74 Fredericks left WEEI to go back to his hometown,
Philiadelphia, because he was offered an afternoon drive-time show by one of
the stations down there. He must have then decided to come back up here to
work for WITS.

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)