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RE: WEEI - Must they...

On 30 Oct 2001 at 1:31, Hakim Madjid wrote:

> As for Steve Fredericks, yea I agree, he was one heck of a talent. Actually
> as I remember things, Fredeircks was in employ of WEEI (590) in the early
> 70s as their Sports Director, this, of course was when 590 was a talk
> station. If I remember correctly he started hosting a sports talk show on
> the station on  weekday evenings. Then 'EEI had him fill in for some of the
> regular so-called 'WEEI Talkmasters'. Then eventually Fredericks wound up
> doing an issues oriented talk show instead. If memory serves me correctly,
> around 1973 or '74 Fredericks left WEEI to go back to his hometown,
> Philiadelphia, because he was offered an afternoon drive-time show by one
> of the stations down there. He must have then decided to come back up here
> to work for WITS.
I thought I remembered Steve Fredericks being the replacement for Jerry Williams, when Jerry 
Williams left WMEX.

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