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Re: Fw: Re: Questions

On 30 Oct 2001 at 13:41, Dave Faneuf wrote:

> Okay, if that's the case I'm sorry, but since I already nuked it out I
> can't go back and read it again to double check.   As far as a personal
> attack goes, the way I read it (or perhaps misread it) it appeared you were
> going after the kid again,  and after the last time he made a mistake I
> really wasn't in the mood to read all the abusive messages ripping him a
> new &^$(%&

I know you don't mean any harm by it, but when I was Adam's age, I really didn't like being called 
a "kid."  If you think about it, maybe you will remember feeling the same.  Anyway, Adam 
contributes to this list as intelligently as any adult and more so than some, and his celebrated 
mistake was one that any of us could easily have made.  Unless he says that he doesn't really 
mind, I think we should not refer to him in ways that could be seen as condescending.

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