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RE: WEEI - Must they...

Follow up on 1978

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> Just as a point of Boston Radio history, in 1978, the Red Sox games were
> broadcast on 1510 in its WITS incarnation. Supposedly those call letters
> stood for Information, Talk, and Sports. Their talk show talent
> consisted of
> Pat Whitley (sp?), Avi Nelson, and Jerry Williams. At the time
> WITS was the
> only full time talk station in the Boston area, as WEEI - 590 back then -
> had gone to an all news format several years before.

And because of 1510's crappy nightime signal....the 1978 night schedule was
broadcast on WWEL-FM 107.9 Medford (just 3 months later...KISS 108 is

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH