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RE: WEEI - Must they...

Tony Abruzzese wrote:

>I was  in grad school at the time @ Fitchburg State. Working  the old
>Brigham's in  Kenmore Square, the Red Sox schedule ruled my life from
>early April to October.  I left work @ 2:30, at the end of a really
>stressful shift, for the drive to Fitchburg. On getting to class, I
>started to work on my project in the Instructional Media Lab. The IM
>staff had the new projection TV set up in the Video production
>conference room and all of the students in the lab floated in and out
>to catch snippets of the game. I had just set up a 5-minute process and
>popped into the conference room just in time to see the ball land.

It is amazing, just like in times of National crisis/disaster, where you
remember exactly what you were doing and where you were when you first heard
the news - I for one remember exactly what I was doing during the major
sports 'disasters' of the Red Sox.

On 10/2/78, I was visting my parents, in Nahant, (a suburb North of Boston),
I went off in my car to run an errand for them, and just when I got to the
outskirts of town (end of the causeway for those that know the area), I was
listening in on the radio, when Dent hit the home run.

Just as a point of Boston Radio history, in 1978, the Red Sox games were
broadcast on 1510 in its WITS incarnation. Supposedly those call letters
stood for Information, Talk, and Sports. Their talk show talent consisted of
Pat Whitley (sp?), Avi Nelson, and Jerry Williams. At the time WITS was the
only full time talk station in the Boston area, as WEEI - 590 back then -
had gone to an all news format several years before.

As for 10/25/86, I had the TV on sort of watching 6 game six and working on
debugging/testing an MS-DOS device driver that I wrote. I was under a
deadline to get the project done. So that's what I was doing when
the-ball-rolled-between-Bill-Buckner's-legs. And yes I did turn my attention
away for my device driver to see the infamous moment on TV. :-( It was a
device driver for one of those time of day clock boards that used to plug in
to PC-XT level PCs by the way...

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)