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Re: WGBH First BSO Broadcast

Okay, so we had a few folks disappointed by last Saturday's (10/6) 50th
anniversary observance on WGBH.  It was about five minutes with the
general manager, including about a half minute of Ralph Lowell's opening
remarks ("We plan to be on the air every day from 3 o'clock until 10")
and a minute or so of no less than Aaron Copland speaking on 89.7 on
that first night of October 6, 1951.  Well, have those tapes ready to
roll tomorrow (10/12) at 1 p.m. for something that should deliver a
little more.

There's supposed to be a half hour devoted largely to the opening-night
speeches from 50 years ago, followed at 1:30 by the BSO live from
Symphony Hall, followed by a tape of 'GBH's very first BSO broadcast
from that first night, when Copland made his remarks during the