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Re: WGBH First BSO Broadcast

>>I heard that WGBH was doing a special 50th
>anniversary broadcast tonight at eight. What I 
>eventually heard was little more than a five-minute 
>monologue from the GM, interspersed with 
>archival audio from the first night's BSO
> broadcast>>>>

Hi Garrett - I enjoy your posts on this list.  The
WGBH "50th Anniversary" broadcast caught my
attention, however.  I was part of that first, BSO
broadcast when they had studios in Symphony
Hall.  Bill Busick engineered and placed mics in 
the Hall and Art Gallery reception area to catch 
the ambient sound of concert-goers so that the 
folks listening at home would feel like they, too, 
were at the symphony.  

Bill Pierce announced from the little room 
overlooking the stage, the two windows high
on the wall at stage left still remain.  Exciting
event for everyone with "The Lowell Institute
Cooperative Broadcasting Council."

I wonder if anyone taped that WGBH airing,
albeit short, as you describe.  Of special interest
would be archived audio of their first broadcasts
in 1951.   Perhaps I can trade tapes.  Thanks.
Russ  oldradio@earthlink.net