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Re: Has anyone else noticed WXLO uses..

   Michael Fitzpatrick wrote:

> I wonder how many stations in the US actually use their STATE in the legal

For years, WSMN Nashua NH (1590) used Nashua NH not only in their top of
hour ID, but in their jingles, promos, recorded PSA's , etc. Guess they
didn't want to confuse Nashua, NH with Nashua, Hawaii <g>

Way back in the Big Moe (Maury Parent) era of WOTW & WOTW-FM just across the
pike from WSMN, Nashua, NH was used in just about every promo, ID, even in
between song talk, such as this typical Big Moe banter out of a song: "That
was Connie Francis here on WOTW at 900 on your dial here in Nashua, uh, NH.
Now here's Engelbert Humperdinck for your listening pleasure today from
Nashua, NH" Yes, sometimes twice in the same stopset he would use city and
state!! Still does it that way Saturday mornings on WMVU, which is now at
900 on your radio dial in Nashua,uh, NH.

 Mark Watson
 Lowell, MA