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Fwd: RE: I Just Got Back From Ferry Street in Salisbury, MA

WCCM-AM was rebuilt from a self-supporting 200-ft or so tower to a 
guyed 300-ft jobbie when 93.7 went from 1350 watts to 50K.
Some work was done on WHAV's tower in the early days of WHAV-FM, now 
WXRV.  But, yes, the WHAV-AM stick is the one that was erected when
the station went on the air.
(BTW, sorry I didn't hit the <RETURN> key a couple of times in
the original post...I'm usually careful about that.)
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DATE: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 17:33:17 
From: EM1 GITCHIER <RGITSCHIER@doyle.navy.mil>
To: "'lglavin@lycos.com'" <lglavin@lycos.com>

I'd think that for AMs WLLH 1400's rooftop Lawrence, MA's flagpole antenna
has been relative unchanged through the years. Anyone know when that baby
was installed? It seems to be similar to the WFEA 1370 flagpole antenna you
see on site with the Blaw-Knox beauty of a tower....

WCCM [800] and WHAV [1490] is probably also unchanged too.

Ron Gitschier

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> Subject:	I Just Got Back From Ferry Street  in Salisbury, MA
>  raises questions about other long-lived towers in Eastern ]
> Mass.  There are many towers that have been in-place unchanged or rebuilt 
> since the 1940's: 680; 740; 850; 950; 1090; 1150; 1230; 1260; 1300, maybe
> a
> few others 

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