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Re: Fwd: RE: I Just Got Back From Ferry Street in Salisbury, MA

An interesting question that would be nice to have 
answered is whether WROL's self-supporting tower is one 
of the two that WHDH used before it moved to Needham in 
1947 or 1948. Before the move to Needham and increase to 
50 kW DA-2, WHDH used to transmit with 5 kW DA-N from 
what is now the WROL site on the Lynn Marsh Rd. I 
suspect that WHDH was at the same site with a longwire 
before adding night service in the early 40s.

The idea of a station directionalized to the east from a 
site east of the COL may seem crazy. However, whoever 
thought of it may have been crazy like a fox. Because of 
the salt-water path to all of Boston from the Lynn Marsh 
site, and the almost total lack of interference on 850 
(which I think was 830 pre-NARBA) in those days, WHDH 
must have had a very nice signal throughout the market--
even at night.

Granted, the increase to 50 kW and the 207-degree towers 
must have produced an impressive increase in signal 
strength in the western suburbs (especially in places 
such as Lexington, which were right in the nighttime 
null that protected KOA), but I'll bet that the signal 
in almost all of Boston proper was as good or nearly as 
good before the move as it was afterward.

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> > There are many towers that have been in-place unchanged or rebuilt 
> > since the 1940's: 680; 740; 850; 950; 1090; 1150; 1230; 1260; 1300, maybe
> > a few others