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RE: No Fox affiliate for Bangor after all

I wish it was like that now.. getting all those stations. I don't like
having just two stations. We get WCDC via antenna here.. and the thing on
Sheridan St. (on my route to school) has powerful looking atennas and
sattelites up there, and most certainly they could get Boston stations. They
give us WBZ for news on Ch. 62.. Where do they get that from? I challanged
the cable company 10 or 15 times and they gave me some sorry excuse about
"FCC rules". I've never seen FCC rules dictating what stations you can get
or the range.. why would WSEE be in Oakfield, Maine if there were FCC
 Mike says:

 WGBH & WGBY is the EXACT same programming, and for the most part, except
during the 1000 or so pledge drives a year, pretty much the same. The
systems out here WAYYY back, (Talking back in the mid 80's) when they first
started around here not only carried WGBX, but also carried WCDC-19 from
'Greylock, All the Hartford stations, not a select few, and WLVI, WBZ, WHDH,
and WCVB. Now AT&T Crapband cable believes that InDemand are more important
than local channels, so much so that the technical problems don't seem to
get fixed on the cable system