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Re: Lowell Spinners Owner Angry Over WCCM Sale

On Sat, 6 Oct 2001 10:32:06 -0400 "Bill O'Neill" <billo@shoreham.net>
> Mark Watson writes:
> >    That leaves only one station left to pick up the Spinners 
> games: WCAP.
> > But will  WCAP owner Maurice Cohen bend to the Spinners' demands 
> that the
> > team chooses it's game announcers? Or will Drew Weber make an 
> offer to buy
> > WCAP? 

Then Bill wrote:
> Would WCAP accept $3M from the Spinners owner?  Note well:  It ALL 
> comes
> down to the source of EVERY dime fronted by a buyer.  If WCAP 
> suspects that
> the source of backers aren't in some sense worthy of purchase or if 
> there's
> the potential that a money source were particular past competitors 
> (former
> WLLH owner comes to mind) then fuggedaboudit.  The WCAP owner simply 
> does not need the money.  

Add to the mix that the publisher of the local newspaper has tried to
purchase WCAP directly and through a number of front men and you can see
that WCAP's owner is going to be very selective about who carries the
torch from here.  I personally know that he has been offered more than
the selling price for WCCM and turned it down without discussion.