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Re: Tower Websites & National Security

These look very familiar...  Are the only ones at
those sites listed on that website?  Do normal relay
station look like those?  There's one right of
broadway street here in Bangor, Maine.  I have been
looking at that since i moved here back in 1998 trying
to figure out just what the heck it was...  Now i M
pretty sure that i know.  Mixer, you know what i am
talking about, right?

--- Rob Walker <rwalker@gccbend.com> wrote:
> While on the subject of tower sites and national
> security, I found an
> interesting website that showcases former AT&T "Long
> Lines" microwave
> towers. These towers were the primary link for the
> "Autovon", the Military's
> long distance telephone network, and served as "GEP"
> or "Ground Entry Point"
> sites for telephone calls to and from Air Force One
> and other military
> planes.
> The interesting thing about these sites is that
> they're actual bunkers,
> designed to withstand a nuke from 5 miles away,
> provide their own power and
> shelter workers and their families for up to 2
> months.
> We've all seen those towers with the massive
> microwave horns... if you'd
> like to know more about 'em, you can see it here.
> (It really is a pretty
> cool site, if you dig towers!)
> http://www.drgibson.com/towers/index.html
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