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RE: more Clear Channel more often

On Tue, 9 Oct 2001 Larry Weil wrote:

> The biggest problem I see with this type of
> centralization is - What 
> happens when terrorists attack 30 Rockefeller Plaza?
>  They just don't 
> knock out New York, they knock out everything else
> operated from 
> there, 

Thats why, if you're smart when you set these things
up, you put your centralized operations center in some
out of the way, not so high profile town, like
Syracuse.  That way, who would think to go after a
place like that, whereas New York City on the other
hand, everyone would think operations would be
centralized there, and would make it a point to go
after that link. (This is also not accounting for the
possibility that the people that plan these types of
"attacks" actually really do their homework and think
these issues out ahead of time).

                            Matt Osborne
                            Hyde Park, NY

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