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RE: more Clear Channel more often

On Tue, 9 Oct 2001, Larry Weil wrote:

> At 3:29 AM -0400 10/9/01, Michael P Fitzpatrick Jr. wrote:
> >
> >And it's not only happening in Central NY. It's also happening in Southern
> >New England. NBC switched WJAR in Providence and WVIT in Hartford to it's
> >new "central-casting" system where the master control is actually switched
> >through servers tied via fiber optic to WNBC-TV in NYC.
> The biggest problem I see with this type of centralization is - What
> happens when terrorists attack 30 Rockefeller Plaza?  They just don't
> knock out New York, they knock out everything else operated from
> there, including WMAQ Chicago and WRC Washington and everything in
> between.

You know what is really freaky about this post? It was posted
Tuesday.....now there's the whole NBC news anthrax thing. This is just too
crazy for me, it really is......

Rockefeller Plza is pretty much a central hub. Time Magazine, Atlantic
Records, NBC, all in that cluster of buildings.

But think about it, what if the capitol building was hit? Disney world?
Sears TOwer, Empire State Building? which would be more significant? It
doesn't matter, the fact is it would just make a bad situation worse.

Hell what if they hit Portland's One City Center? Boston City Hall? What
iuf a suicide bomber walked into the post office in Bangor Maine? The Post
office which contains several other offices, the courts, etc.....you need
to go through medical detectors for everything but the post office. and
the post office takes up the majority of the ground floor.

Am I scared? Do I feel threatened? No, I am living life just as I was
before, knowing that I, like the rest of us, are lcuky to ahve the gift of
life and the luck of being US (and Canadien in a couple cases I assume)
citizens, and are not living miserable lives in Afghanistan due to a
government that doesn't care about their people.