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Re: Broadcasting Schools(was:VCR Alert)

On Tue, 9 Oct 2001, Cooper Fox wrote:

> One of the things that i find most intersting is that
> the local broadcasting school (NEW ENGLAND SCHOOL OF
> COMMO) here in bangor has the most advanced(IMOHO)
> studios in this area.  They have the 2000 version of
> scott studios, a brand new digital board, 2 DENON CD
> players, a broadcast quality mini-disc player, and, of
> course, 2 of the good old standard RE20 mics.  I have
> been to many of the studios in this area but the
> studios over there have to be the best by far.

Last year they were the only radio station (WHSN) in Maine with Scott
2000. I do not know about any other stations now, but soon once WDME is
relocated completely to Bangor they too will be using this version of
Scott. The board? It's not digital....WHSN's is, and once again, as I
understand it, the only digital radio board in the state of Maine.

Scary how far the school that once had two turntables and a microphone
hoooked to a tape deck has gone.....