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Broadcasting Schools(was:VCR Alert)

One of the things that i find most intersting is that
the local broadcasting school (NEW ENGLAND SCHOOL OF
COMMO) here in bangor has the most advanced(IMOHO)
studios in this area.  They have the 2000 version of
scott studios, a brand new digital board, 2 DENON CD
players, a broadcast quality mini-disc player, and, of
course, 2 of the good old standard RE20 mics.  I have
been to many of the studios in this area but the
studios over there have to be the best by far.

--- Ben Levy <belevy@syr.edu> wrote:
> In the Comedy Central rerun cycle all day today, the
> first segment of "The
> Daily Show with Jon Stewart" features a report on
> the Connecticut School of
> Broadcasting.
> I'd supply a punchline, but most of the good ones
> were used in the above
> mentioned piece.
> Ben

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