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Re: Spots v. Wall-to-Wall

At 8:03 AM -0400 10/9/01, Bill O'Neill wrote:
>NPR's reporting this morning that TV networks are reeling from the $180M
>(broadcast nets alone) losses in lost inventory around 9/11.  Over the
>weekend, there were more spots run amid coverage and more returning to
>regular programming.  Could it be that while networks attempt to keep
>solvent, viewers get the added benefit of some sense of (television)
>normalcy?  Who'd a thunk that?

At Channel 7, we ran no commercials on Sunday from the start of the 
hostilities until 6 PM.  After 6, we ran the normal load of 
commercials, and the network gave us the normal amount of local 
avails in the evening.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH