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Re: Tower Websites & National Security

These look very familiar...  Are the only ones at
> those sites listed on that website?  Do normal relay
> station look like those?

That web site is just a sample of some AT&T long lines relay sites. I should
mention that those microwave sites, aside from serving defense comms, were
also (pre sattelite) the way that many long distance calls were routed, they
provided a link for coast to coast television programming, video
conferencing and they served as control circuits between central offices.

Most of the microwave links that those towers served have since been turned
down and the equipment in the bunkers removed. American Tower Systems is the
proud owner of most of the former AT&T sites, leasing them to PCS and Cell

I've long been intrigued by those massive microvave relay stations and there
are a ton of links to be found if you search "microwave towers" or "cold war

Also, there's a picture of one of the sites in Presque Isle on one of the
link pages.

Rob Walker
Bend, Oregon