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Re: more Clear Channel more often

<<On Mon, 8 Oct 2001 17:38:00 -0400 (EDT), Scott Saloway <saloway@bu.edu> said:

> Here's the question: Clear Channel already runs radio and outdoor
> properties (two-thirds of Ackerley's business is in those areas). But does
> Clear Channel own any TV stations? Ackerley's a major player in the local
> TV game....will Clear Channel know what to do with those stations?

CCU owns a bunch of TV stations.  It has been speculated that CCU
probably does not want to keep AK's TV properties, and will likely
spin them rather than having to spin radio properties in those upstate
N.Y. markets.  (The real prize is the outdoor-advertising market,
which CCU and Viacom will effectively duopolize after this deal.)