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Re: more Clear Channel more often

Mea Culpa on the first thing. I had no idea CC already owned a few
stations. And I had no idea Ackerley had already centralized its
operations. God, that's even more scary. 

On Mon, 8 Oct 2001, Matthew Osborne wrote:

> Clear Channel does own a few broadcast television
> stations around the country.  The only two I can
> rattle off the top of my head right now are WXXA-TV 23
> (Fox) in Albany, NY and WJAR-TV 10 in Providence, RI
> IIRC.  So television is not a totally foreign concept
> to them...
> Actually, Clear Channel won't have to.  You see,
> Ackerley beat them to the punch on this.  All of
> Ackerley's Upstate NY TV stations are already
> centrally operated out of WIXT-Syracuse's Master
> Control.  As far as I know, each individual station
> (in NY State anyway) only has news reporters, news
> anchors, just barely as many people necessary to run
> the studio for local news, and salespeople working at
> the individual stations.  Everything else is
> centralized in Syracuse.  So actually, this purchase
> by Clear Channel would probably fit in very well with
> their corporate ideaology, and at least Upstate NY
> doesn't have to worry about any more local jobs
> getting axed by this takeover (right now anyway),
> because they were already all axed when Ackerley took
> over all of these stations to begin with.
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